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Safely Install and Stain your Custom Wood Doors

To ensure that your door is properly installed and does not undergo warping, Martins Mill suggests that you follow the instructions provided on this page. If these instructions are carefully followed, the warranty provided on our doors will not be voided.


Download the Martin's Mill guide for staining to better understand how to stain your fine, custom doors and windows.



Download the Martin's Mill guide for pre-installation to learn how to handle your door between delivery and installation.

Learn More

At Martin's Mill, our ultimate goal is your satisfaction; this is why we provide several free resources to all of our customers. We know that you want your custom products to last you a lifetime, and in order for that to happen, you must install and stain your doors correctly. We have given you a link to a free installation guide that you can use for your own purposes, or print for your customers. Simply click the icons above to receive your free guide.

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