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Find the Perfect Accent for Your Custom Entryway

From hinges and thresholds to speakeasies, Martin's Mill has the perfect piece of custom hardware to accentuate your door. These custom accessories are a surefire way to make a statement at your home.


Instead of yelling "Friend or Foe", you can open this authentic speakeasy door and see who awaits you with elegance. Built with old time traditional craftsmanship, the hand riveted grill, hand made hinges and latch, and riveted framework, is what puts this speakeasy in a class of it's own. It is waiting for a door of it's own caliber to be at home in.


Clavos are special nails with large, decorative heads that add a beautiful, rustic touch to your door, gate, or other woodworking project. We have a wide variety of decorative clavos for your door, with a broad selection including iron, brass, copper, pewter, and other finishes across a variety of designs that will bring an authentic period appearance to your creation!

Iron Strap

The Decorative Iron Door Strap is completely hand forged from wrought iron. Featuring a hand hammered surface, this rustic door hardware strap gives off an authentic look. The Decorative Iron Door Strap features an eye-catching look, with an arrow-shaped end. These iron strap accents will give an extra decorative touch to any new or existing door or gate.


Create Your Own


and Martin's Mill will build it to order

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